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Who We Work With

Small Firms

The Centre for Enterprise is proud to have supported over 1,500 SMEs across the North-West to-date. Identified as having between 2 - 250 employees, with an annual turnover of up to £40 million, we appreciate the unique journey that each SME owner embarks on, to achieve their growth aspirations. We are here to support that journey by sharing practical skills and knowledge, combined with the latest research, as well as access to networking opportunities with like-minded business leaders and entrepreneurs. The Centre specialises in growth, leadership, entrepreneurship and sustainability, but we are also here to give SMEs the supportive backdrop and confidence they need to grow.

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Large Firms

There are many large firms in the North West, which provide significant employment, identity and value to the region. The Centre is currently working with a number of such firms, on projects such as transformational change management, development of senior management leadership skills, vision dissemination and large firm growth planning. We understand that as a business with more than 250 employees, it is important you receive the practical delivery support that you need, alongside strategic access to regional stakeholders, the latest industry knowledge and resource back-up.

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Third Sector Firms

As a not-for-profit organisation ourselves, the Centre for Enterprise understands the challenges that can be faced within this sector. We measure our own successes, on the impact we contribute to the region. More specifically, on indicators such as; how many of our businesses have grown, since working with us? What policy have we effected by leveraging our stakeholders? What knowledge have we contributed to our areas of specialism? A significant number of the businesses we work with are within this sector and the Centre draws upon a lot of industry experience, to help them achieve their growth aspirations.

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