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Embedding Research

Putting knowledge to work in theory and in practice.

Research Archive

Developing a cost benefit and social value framework in micro-provider contexts

Knowledge exchange partnership focussed on the identification, recognition, recording and utilisation of information for social value and impact

Enterprise in Higher Education

Exploring the Enterprise Champion Role The role of Enterprise Champions within the HEIs

Entrepreneurs’ Sensemaking Responses to the Downturn

Qualitative study exploring the way that entrepreneurs make sense of discontinuity through talk

Explorations of forced labour amongst Chinese migrant workers

A collaborative research study with MMU and the Wai Yin Chinese Women Society funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Exploring the pathway from student to entrepreneur

How students come to perceive and opt for self-employment as a career option

Raising start-up finance: ‘Bootstrapping’

How networking can help you bootstrap your business

Re-mixing the economy of welfare

What is emerging beyond the market and the state?

TACTICS: Cluster Internationalisation

Transnational Alliance of Clusters Towards Improved Co-operation Support

Who Makes Money From Entrepreneurship?

New research exploring how entrepreneur earnings are affected by their backgrounds and family roles