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Embedding Research

Putting knowledge to work in theory and in practice.

Business and Community Engagement

Partnerships and collaborations beyond academia have become ever more essential as university based research is increasingly expected to contribute demonstrably to the wider social and economic context in which it is embedded. Research “impact” refers to benefits from research for any individual, group or organisation outside the university.  Impact is inherent in everything we do in the Centre for Enterprise.  Our expertise is recognised in funding to support engagement and impact.

Engaging Scottish Local Authorities: Process and Impact Review

Increasing knowledge exchange between university-based research and local government in Scotland

Information Sharing in Policy and Practice

What needs to be shared (and not shared) when we share information?

Managing Integrated Care: A Healthcare Framework

A new framework for delivering integrated care in the NHS has been developed by Dr. Margaret Hyde at Manchester Metropolitan University

Stand up to Racism

The Impact of Schools Stand Up to Racism – Analysis and Articulation