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Embedding Research

Putting knowledge to work in theory and in practice.

Business Growth

A cluster of collaborative studies are dedicated to sharing university and business perspectives on  growth, including but not limited to very high growth businesses sometimes called ‘gazelles’.  We organize interactive workshops on SME Growth that engage academic experts together with business owners in shared learning.  Job creation and innovation are the themes of collaborations with partners from policy, practice and higher education across Europe.

‘How do high growth business entrepreneurs think?’ - How to enable high growth in small firms

How do high growth business entrepreneurs think and behave differently and what can slower growth businesses learn?

An Investigation into the mindset of the High Growth Entrepreneur

Developing an evidence base on the role of entrepreneurs in high growth firms

Exploring the potential of the Northwest’s small firms to drive forward the UK’s economic recovery

An in-depth study - commissioned by Private Sector Partners NW Ltd and undertaken by MMU Centre for Enterprise - highlights five 'invisible forms of growth' by small businesses.

SLIM: Stimulating Learning for Ideas-to-Market

Knowledge exchange project aimed at transferring innovations in the realm of business start-up training and support

Smart Europe

Smart strategies to create innovation-based jobs in regions of Europe

‘Gut Feeling’ in Designing and Developing New Products in Small Creative Companies

Exploring the extent to which intuition is part of the decision-making process during New Product Development (NPD) and characterising its nature within creative companies.