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Embedding Research

Putting knowledge to work in theory and in practice.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Entrepreneurial Learning is central to enabling business people, aspiring entrepreneurs, and universities to generate the culture, capabilities and commitment for entrepreneurship. Business practice happens faster than academic research but academic work continues to support and enable entrepreneurs.

‘How do high growth business entrepreneurs think?’ - How to enable high growth in small firms

How do high growth business entrepreneurs think and behave differently and what can slower growth businesses learn?

Collaboration among micro-businesses in the digital economy

Exploring the impact of the rapid advance in communications technology, on the way we do business.

Entrepreneurial Learning in Organisations Network (ELON)

ELON is an ISBE Special Interest Group

Sharing & building university & business perspectives of how to enable high growth in small firms

How is growth encouraged in small firms? Are there owner-manager characteristics connected with small firm growth?

SME Learning Sets – what do participants value in one another?

Qualitative study, which focuses on the composition of action learning sets

‘Gut Feeling’ in Designing and Developing New Products in Small Creative Companies

Exploring the extent to which intuition is part of the decision-making process during New Product Development (NPD) and characterising its nature within creative companies.