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In Tandem with Growth

Adam Warren of Tandem Systems discusses the Greater Manchester High Growth Network and it's impact on his business

Tandem Systems are a managed IT services business, founded in 2009, and now employing seven members of staff. The company works with other businesses who want to use technology as a driver for growth, productivity and differentiation in their markets. Through sourcing managed IT services, provided by Tandem, business clients can change their way of working, including improving productivity by leveraging existing skills in their firm, as well as helping clients understand IT security, risks and the complexity of modern data storage.

Adam recently took part in cohort 2 of the Greater Manchester High Growth Network – a fully funded growth programme designed to provide small businesses in the Greater Manchester region the tools and skills to develop their business.  

What have you taken away from the Network? 

The finance related topics on the programme were particularly useful. This was an area we needed to strengthen, as we were more focussed on the day-to-day operations, and hadn’t looked in detail at profitability. Because of the advice, I am now providing real-time access to financial data both within Tandem and for external clients, so they can effectively track the profitability of their businesses. 

Is there anything you do in your business as a result of the Network?

We have improved internal and external communication, reset our product portfolio and improved productivity on new sales. We have also got rid of old contracts that were not profitable. This puts us in a much better position.

I’ve found taking part in the course has made me think more strategically. I’m now focussed more on future business direction and not just on operating the business.

Would you recommend the course to other businesses?

Yes. Every business can get something out of this course, such as being more effective with business planning, making a new network of contacts etc.

Recent success stories after taking part?

The programme made me a little bit bolder, to position ourselves a little bit differently in the market. We’ve repackaged the offerings to make each package more complete including critical security services and backup services.

Any advice that you would offer other businesses?

Taking the Business Model Canvas as an example, if you go through this properly, you may realise that your market is slightly different to what you always thought it was. Use the analysis tools available for support to implement ideas and advice from programme.



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