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An MBA Taster Session with Stephanie Sturges

A look into a model based on neuroscience to enable businesses to develop a high performance environment.

Generally, nobody goes to work with the intention of giving the people they work with a hard time. And yet, inadvertently, we can all anger people, rub them up the wrong way or get into an unexpected fallout, when all we really want to do is get along. We work to motivate people, treat them well, spur them on to improve and create an environment where everyone can perform to their best ability.

Research tells us that the reason people leave their jobs or do not fully engage is mainly due to the relationship with their managers and the leaders within their team. How can we help shift the balance to create an environment where the manager is trusted and gets the best out of everyone?

The MBA taster session, at Manchester Metropolitan University, introduced attendees to some key insights into leaderships, with opportunities to learn and reflect on changes businesses may want to make to lead and develop a high-performance environment.

Utilising key insights from research around social neuroscience, attendees explored how to put these into practice. This involved thinking about changing behaviours, changing the way our attendees work in their business environment to get better results.

Whilst a workshop alone cannot change behaviour, it can provide the space to explore insights that can help you decide what an effective leadership or management behaviour looks like.

“We had a great group of people all willing to join in the process of exploring and learning, in quite a fun and interactive way about how can change a few small things in order to get better results”.